Studio House

The Gallery at Studio House

The gallery exhibits originals, prints and a large selection of cards by local artists, including:

  • Michael Sanders
  • Jonathan Sanders
  • Andrew Dibben
  • Keith Nash
  • Brian Lewis
  • Caroline Richmond
  • Samuel Thomas
  • Janice Gordon
  • Kevin Robinson
  • David Green
  • Griff Davies


Mitchell House plus work by students.


Trudy Cosh
Erika Rowbrey-Evans

Also showcased is Amy Christie’s eclectic treasure trove of art deco, art nouveau and contemporary jewellery.

A fine collection of skilled artistic minds.

Other works of art are available in our pre-loved area. Again the friendly atmosphere offers a relaxed opportunity to see art at its finest and most affordable.

About Mitchell

Mitchell is a traditionally trained sculptor with work exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and public places.

He works mainly in iron, bronze and cold cast bronze, though has completed many commissions in other media.

With his figurative sculpture, Mitchell aims to capture the stillness that is caught within a blink of an eye that activates the emotional pathways of the soul.

His public art is a response to the many factors that are involved in such work, namely, the thoughts and ideas of the community, the environment in which it is situated and the requests of the commissioning body.

Courses at Studio House

Classes start at Beginner level and aim towards Master Class. Our sessions are run in a friendly atmosphere where like-minded people from all walks of life can develop their skills together.

Courses include:

  • Relief plaques
  • Wax to bronze sculpture
  • Body casting
  • Life study - fixed pose
  • Life study - movement
  • Mould making and casting
  • Direct wax modelling
  • Open study projects

Casting in plaster and silicon rubber is also taught.

Mitchell's aim is to enhance the skill bank of his students and thus create independent artists.

Standard courses are 10 weeks in duration and each session is three hours long. Refreshments and basic materials are included in the course fee.

For more information please visit:

To book courses, or for more detailed information call Mitchell on:
01263 577448 or 07917826585