Alby Gardens

The gardens are an integral part of any visit to Alby Crafts & Gardens.

John and Valerie Alston turned what had been a meadow and a poplar plantation into the gardens that are a joy to stroll through today. The gardens are renowned for their tranquility and a collection of unusual plants and shrubs.

Euphorbia wulfenii
Helleborus orientalis

Four and a half acres of island beds and borders are separated by wide expanses of grass. The beds contain a wide variety of unusual plants and shrubs, of special interest to the knowledgeable gardener. At different times of the year there are profusions of primroses, fritillaries, wild orchids, irises and many others.

Allium cristophii
Peacock in garden
Silver Birch (Betula pendula)

Four ponds, a wild area, a small wood, specimen trees, a stream and an island add to the interest as does a fallen poplar - a casualty of the 1987 hurricane - whose branches now grow straight up, forming an unusual hedge.

Gunnera manicata
Cornus kousa
Abies koreana
Peonia lactiflora

The visitor can wander at will, coming across art works and the odd peacock. The lack of defined paths makes for informality in this calm and quiet garden. The planning and planting is down to the inspiration and hard work of Valerie Alston and as with all gardens it is still developing.

Hydrangea macrophylla
Darmera patata
Malus x zumi Golden Hornet
Raged Robin (Silene flos-cuculi)

Entrance to the gardens is £2.50 per person - all proceeds go towards the upkeep of the gardens.