Jane Kenning

Corsets : Wedding : Vintage

Exclusive, handmade corsets, wedding gowns and vintage dresses.

An exclusive wedding dress is made especially for you. Jane has a fantastic collection of silk fabrics to choose from. Bring your own ideas to her and together you will design your gown and she will do the sewing.

Up until WW1 the female body was manipulated into various silhouettes by the means of tightly woven cotton fabric, whale bones and tight lacing. It still amazes Jane how different shaped pattern pieces can influence the final outline. Originally worn as an under garment corsets are now so beautiful they need to be on show. She still uses the strong cotton coutil to support the steel boning and uses luxurious silks, ribbons and beads to embellish.

Last year Jane spent time with Thelma Madine, gypsy dressmaker. She learned new techniques for making those amazing bodices. She now uses these skills in her corsetry.

Newly made vintage inspired dresses.

From new fabrics Jane can make day, evening or wedding dresses inspired by Hollywood icons; think Grace Kelly, Jean Harlow and Marilyn Monroe.

Visit Jane’s showroom:

The Gallery (above the tea room) Alby Crafts & Gardens, Cromer Road, Erpingham, Norwich, NR11 7QE.

Opening hours for Jane Kenning:

Tue, Wed, Thur 10am – 4pm Sat 11:30am – 3pm

To contact Jane:

phone: 01263 732455
email: janekenning@hotmail.co.uk